EU Arts Live’s broadcasts in 2019 and 2020 utilized two interactive formats: immersive 360° VR or a viewer controlled multi-screen format. Below you’ll find full length videos of our partner Interface’s award winning show “Vive la Vie!” alongside a regular digital recording so you can see the difference. There follow some screenshots and a demo video of the multi-screen system, and a few other recordings of project related activity. But our focus and our passion is, was, and will remain exclusively live broadcasting in interactive formats. No recording can ever replace the sharing of creation with the artists, moment by moment, as a show unfolds.

Full length 360° VR demo of Compagnie Interface’s “Vive la Vie”, the format of EU Arts Live’s daily live broadcasts from the Avignon Theatre Festival “Off” 2019

Full length HD video of Compagnie Interface’s “Vive la Vie » for comparison purposes (with English language subtitles).

John Paval

Viewer Controlled Synchronized Multi-Screen Display Camera controls at lower left.

John Paval

Camera Option Two: Two camera views side by side.

John Paval

Camera Option 3 Picture within a picture

John Paval

Social interactivity controls bottom right. Share on social media, one click donations, viewer chat box

MOG Technologies’ demonstration video for the multi-screen broadcast platform system it to EU Arts Live

Compagnie Interface's "Noces de Joie", streamed at Teatrul A Propos' Bucharest Fringe Festival October 2020.

Project coordinator John Paval presents the project at the International Business Networking Consortium, Riga, Latvia.

Remarks by John Paval at the Focus International Conference, at sessions broadcast live July 12-14, 2019 in collaboration with the Avignon Theatre Festival "Off".

International Focus | International cultural policies, broadcast live by EU Arts Live July 2019. See playlist here

Focus international | Les politiques culturelles internationales, diffusé en direct par Arts Live EU. Voir playlist ici