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Arts Live Centre for the Performing Arts

Experience the magic of live shows, wherever you are.

What is Arts Live EU?

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We bring together the community найти работу в ростове of performance arts.

How does it work?

Enjoy live performances on your device, at home or on the go:

Add shows you want to see to your calendar
Go to the ‘GO LIVE’ platform when the show is due to start
Interact with the online audience as you watch

What’s On

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Special: Live flash videos from the Avignon Theatre Festival OFF (5-28th July) and more!

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What they say about us

Our Partners & Associates


INTERFACE is an award-winning leader in dance-based cross-genre performances and digital innovation. This year they will be broadcasting their show 'Vive la Vie' which won Best Performance, Best Director, and Best Female Interpretation at the The International Festival of Liberal Theatre in Amman, Jordan, every day at the Avignon Festival “Off” from 5-28th July.  Their annual performances at the Avignon Theatre Festival have received critical acclaim since 2007, including an award for Best Performance at the Festival “Off” in 2014. INTERFACE were live-streaming their performances as early as 2001, before YouTube or Facebook, making them one of the first arts companies to do so.  Their company consists of artists who live and create together, and who involve local artists and arts-lovers in workshops, master classes, and new versions of INTERFACE’s own shows. Recent international tours have taken them to China, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Italy, Romania, Switzerland and France. They see artistic creation as a social experience promoting the highest human values and 'fraternité' (brother and sisterhood) which is so prized in their native French culture.


The TEATRUL APROPO Association was founded in 2006 by dynamic young artists and soon became the organiser of the "Bucharest Fringe Festival", the largest Independent Theatre Festival in Romania. Their mission is to create innovative performances in new spaces and contexts; to promote the younger generation of Romanian artists; to interact with young audiences; to explore the burning artistic and social issues of the time in dramatic form - the way the great tragedians did when their form of theatre was invented in Classical Athens.  Like them, they innovate through form, content and promotion of contemporary theatre.

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