About Us

Arts Live is about creating an online performing arts community, via live interactive broadcasting. Our long-term goal is to create a permanent online platform which provides regular programming of live shows.  The first step towards this goal is EU Arts Live.


EU Arts Live is a project involving several performing arts companies who will be broadcasting up to 100 shows live from the Avignon Theatre Festival (5-28th July), the Balcon du Ciel Festival (15-18th August) and the найти работу в ростове Bucarest Fringe Festival in late September.

Join our ever-growing community of performing arts-lovers who are passionate about breaking out of the walls of the theatre and bringing live shows to everyone, everywhere.

Always Live

Why live? Because the performing arts are about the magic of the moment. Unlike a recording, a live performance is a shared experience – between the performers and the audience, and the audience members themselves. Recorded entertainment is everywhere; we believe we could all use more live experiences. Be aware about spielautomaten kostenlos spielen. So whether you already love the performing arts, or have never been to a show before, get comfortable as we bring the performance hall to you.

Always Interactive

Why interactive? Because when you’re in the theatre, you decide who or what to focus on, from moment to moment. Each audience member shapes their own experience of the performance – this is what makes live shows so special. So we’ve made sure you can do just that on our platform: change between up to 7 different live-streams from the performance hall, or try the VR format, and enjoy the show as if you’re really there.

Always Free of Charge

Why free of charge? The doors of our virtual theatre are open to all because the arts belong to everyone. After all, some people live in places where the cost of a ticket would be a week of food for their family. However, there are costs involved in performing arts broadcasting, so we have given you the option. If you like what you see, you can click on the ‘Cherish’ button on our platform играть в автоматы онлайн and make an instant donation. Most of your giving will go to your chosen performing arts company. The rest will help us cover the costs of broadcasting so that even more performing arts companies can afford to join.

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